Why Yoga?

How and why I became a Yoga Teacher

I began dabbling in this yoga thing approximately 16 years ago, I didn't know it then, but this was my doorway back to health, a glimmer of hope. As a child and teenager I battled with tremendous mental health difficulties which resulted in many failed attempts to feel better by using extremely unhealthy coping strategies. Inevitably this lead to the near collapse of my physical, mental and emotional health. Oh shit right - I know. There were many times I believed I was broken. At first I was dubious and resistant towards the idea of yoga, but I went on to discover that in fact, it was the only tool that really soothed my dis-ease, helped me to manage my wellbeing and begin to heal. But that is a very long story for another day my friends. After 8 years of struggle and a few years of recovery on the other side of the world, I started studying. I added a diploma in nutrition and degree psychology to my box of tricks. I became obsessed with the brain and the body and the connection between the two - how did it all work? So in short, this bumpy pathway back home to myself inspired me to become a teacher so that I could guide others to find and feel their best selves too.
I have now been teaching for over 5 years and I am so grateful to be able to share this gift that keeps on giving. Teaching yoga lights my soul on fire, and it's FUN! There is something magical seeing people arrive on their yoga mats, all for different reasons - not quite knowing what to expect - and leaving with so much more than they imagined. Because, sometimes we don't know what we don't know, ya know? We aren't aware of the little things we need to address, the parts of us that are crying out for some love and attention, until they become big full blown problems that affect our daily functioning. So here I am, ready to guide you into the unlocking of your fullest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential. 
Yoga is cool because it provides you with exactly you need, whatever you are missing. I like to think of it as reorganising and reconstructing habitual patterns in the body and mind. These naughty habits quietly build up over time and sneak up on us in the form of pain, chronic conditions, injury, life setbacks and mental illness; they basically become giant obstacles blocking the way to your goals, your good nights sleep, your optimum performance, your happiest life. This could be something simple like the way you sit when you drive your car to work, the way you swing your golf club every Sunday, the way you carry your baby on your weaker hip or the way you breathe every day. Or it could be something a little deeper like a car accident, the effects of a 5 year abusive relationship, a traumatic upbringing or some other experience that has significantly impacted your life. It's about restoring balance, reconnecting you to yourself and improving the way you experience your time here on this earth. Make sense? Good :-) 


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