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About Em K Yoga

Em K Yoga; where cutting-edge Western science meets traditional Eastern healing - with no bullshit.

First things first, let's get this straight; the practice of yoga carries no prerequisites, if you have a body - you can do yoga! My greatest wish is to make yoga accessible to every body - EVERY BODY. My personal journey to healing quickly became an obsession with wellbeing. How can I feel better, how can I be better, how can I DO better? I never understood exactly how or why, all I knew was when I did yoga, everything was better - so much better. My mental, physical and emotional health improved profoundly.  I knew then, my purpose was to equip others with this powerful tool, to share the invaluable gift of wellbeing. So, I packed my suitcase and my panic attacks and travelled across the world where I was immersed in an intensive program to become a qualified and registered teacher.

I have now been teaching for four years and practicing for sixteen. With a strong background in Iyengar Yoga and a passion for what I like to call 'functional flow'; my teachings embody multi-style approach using principles of neuroscience to craft fun and meaningful experiences for you. Through a combination of movement, breath techniques, myofascial release, neurodynamics, body alignment, mindfulness, therapeutic asana, active stretching and simple meditation -  I will guide and empower you to cultivate the very best version of yourself - on and off the mat. 

Unwind your mind; Namaste




Flex Fitness - Te Rapa

Body Fit Training - Hamilton North
Flex Fitness - Te Rapa
The Link Community Centre
Flex Fitness - Te Rapa


Classes held at  The Link Community Centre
Cnr River Rd And Te Aroha St, Claudelands, Hamilton 3216
Classes held at Flex Fitness - Te Rapa
62 Church Rd, Pukete, Hamilton 3200

Classes held at Body Fit - Hamilton North 
7 Karewa Pl, Pukete, Hamilton 3200

Why Yoga?

  • Increases strength, balance, mobility, stability and flexibility
  • Soft tissue recovery, muscle activation and injury prevention
  • Reduces back pain, stress and anxiety  
  • Blood pressure regulation and headache management 
  • Improves quality of sleep, circulation and immune system 
  • Greater energy levels, sense of vitality and inner tranquility 

  • Enhances mental clarity, memory and mood
  • Promotes emotional resilience, body confidence and awareness
  • Decreases risk of giving a sh*t about things that don't matter

Rest assured...

My classes consist of a friendly and warm bunch of human beings arriving on their mats for different reasons but sharing the same aim to improve themselves. Try not to think of it as typical 'class'...but more of a yoga family, a safe space for you to just be - free of judgement - perfectly imperfect - exactly as you are right now. It is okay to feel a little nervous when attending your first session but try not to let your thoughts intimidate you, deter you or fill you with expectation. You are NOT too inflexible, too old or too busy to come along. In fact, being tight, stiff or sore is the perfect reason to join us! The first step is having the courage to show up and give it a go!

Modifications and variations of all the asana (poses) are offered to suit all abilities and accomodate any injuries or conditions. Blocks and other supportive equipment is available to ensure the practice is accessible to all levels and abilities. I am here to support and guide you on your individual path to feeling better than ever before. 

I also understand that a class environment is not for everyone - this is why I offer private one-on-one sessions tailored to suit your specific goals and needs. Additionally, I work with sports teams and corporate groups and offer sessions for small groups and special events. Please contact me for more info! 

My Philosophy

Yoga is a natural medicine for the body and mind. It is an innovative fusion of movement, breath, neuroscience and ancient philosophy. Yoga has taken a beating in terms of negative stigma and association, there has been plenty of myths surrounding what yoga is and who can do it. Taking a class that isn't suited to you could definitely leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. So I'm here to clear that up! In truth, yoga is a powerful practice supported by science - and it's bloody ancient. It was originally developed some 5,000-10,000 years ago by men! Old men. Old men who's aim was to discover the very best way to maintain their health and longevity of life. The physical aspect of yoga (asana) was designed by Monks to increase the strength and stamina of the body so they were able to sit for longer periods of time in meditation so they could reach the ultimate goal of 'enlightenment'. Regular yoga practice has been proven to significantly improve overall wellbeing. In short, it's like a magic wand for your physical, mental and emotional health. It is beneficial for every body - EVERY BODY! Whoever you are, whatever you do - yoga is good for you!

About Em

Hey, I'm Em. I'm 31 and I'm originally from England. I hold a Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Nutrition and recently became a Mummy to my little Isabella. Life is good – actually, it’s great! You’ll always catch me with a smile on my face (even in Chair Pose). But it hasn't always been this way; and it's still a masterpiece in progress. I could definitely write a novel about my crazy story, but in essence - yoga saved my life - let me pay it forward and show you how you too can elevate your mind and shape your life!


Shape your life

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